Our Story

Formerly Orange Digital, a standalone digital agency wholly owned by Orange, we have a long and successful track record of many years working in the highly competitive telecommunications sector.


We became independent following a management buyout in October 2014, led by our CEO Pierre Briffaut to create a new company that was collaborative, nimble and flexible.

We are a Service Design studio that is passionate about solving emerging business challenges for companies in a world that is fast moving, customer-centric and globalised. 

Our Approach

Guiding Principles

Service design studies the experiences between customers, brands and their supporting systems to identify problems and opportunities.


We connect the points of the experience with the right systems and technologies to create meaningful and effective services for customers. We are led by a set of principles:

  • Question everything
  • Design for emotions
  • Think holistically
  • Design simply
  • Improve often
  • Tell a story

Our principles set us apart.  They enable us to deliver services that businesses need and customers expect.

Our Tools

Our tools and methodologies allow us to unearth both existing and future customer needs, as well as behaviours across all channels (both on and offline).


Using these tools, we work with our clients to develop products, services and content that address business and customer needs, wants and motivations. Some typical outputs include:

  • Customer Insight and Research
  • Personas / Empathy Maps
  • Customer Journeys
  • Service Maps
  • Prototypes
  • Service Blueprint