Identifying new business and service opportunities



Together Allianz Partners and Agos wanted to address two challenges: How to gain a better understanding of their competitors’ product offer and their level of maturity? And how to gain a better understanding of customer expectations in regards to product offering?


Following market and trend analysis, we found a number of areas for the businesses to create new service concepts within uncontested market spaces. Agos and Allianz Partners would need to focus on understanding these areas and explore user centered solutions for future implementation.


Interviews with key Agos sales employees and benchmarking analysis of competitors informed the Blue Ocean methodology and Design thinking techniques used in a co-creation workshop to map the efforts of different competitors in the finance and insurance sector. The criteria were mapped against user expectations which were developed using personas.


The workshop provided both Allianz Partners and Agos a platform to share and challenge ideas as well as insightful information, to co-create future and user focused solutions in different market spaces. Three future digital product concepts were detailed alongside an initial implementation roadmap combining both their expertise.

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