Orange wanted to refresh the UX and visual experience of their corporate website and develop a site architecture which was aligned with their new group communications objectives. The challenge was to bring the many stakeholders from across the business onboard and get them to work towards a single vision of the site.


We performed a thorough user-experience audit which highlighted that the current navigation structure was not intuitive, and users found it hard to find the information that they needed with no clear hierarchy of content. These insights informed a business plan and supported our proposal to address the information architecture of the site to better satisfy user needs, as well as refresh the general page layout.


We conducted online surveys, open card sorting and stakeholder interviews to challenge and validate user assumptions. This informed the new information architecture and a creative route from which we designed and created prototypes that were tested with users to iterate and validate the user experience.


The re-design provided an enhanced user experience with an increase in time spent on the site, number of pages viewed and decreased drop-off rate. The refreshed site now also better reflects internal needs and works as a more effective tool to support various teams across sales, brand, product and HR within Orange.

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