AI in the sky

We will be pleased to present our white paper : "What is the effect of artificial intelligence on the flying experience of the future?".

Over the past decade, the transportation and logistics industries
 have been automating systems and processes, turning paper into digits, and using advanced analytics to stay on top of the needs of their customers. Airlines generally rely on technology initiatives to improve customer service and operational effectiveness in order to stay ahead in a competitive business environment. AI is already being explored
 in the commercial airline segment of the aviation industry and is being integrated across multiple areas including customer service, airport and flight operations, and there are more opportunities ahead.

The opportunities and challenges these new technologies and methods bring are vast and the speed of change they affect is dizzying. The promise of AI is generally regarded as useful - it can be very effective for businesses who want to reduce labour cost, it can speed up processes for customers and reduce human error in transactions. 38% of enterprises today are already using artificial intelligence, this number is estimated to grow to 62% by 2018.

On the flip side, society is asking what will
 be our new role in the future if everything can
 be automated, at speed and with more accuracy? After the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, are people still willing to trust companies with their data? Data is the fuel that feeds the algorithms that can provide a smarter customer experience. Are people ready to trust algorithms to make the right choices and recommendations for them? Concerns centre around the “unintended consequences” of leveraging new technologies, their impact on society and earth, privacy, democracy and political manipulation and whether or not global regulation can keep up pace.

We are most interested in the effect artificial intelligence and new technologies have on the future of customer experience. In the context of recent controversy around the misuse of customer’s personal data, and since data is needed to feed the algorithms to create smarter experiences, one of the questions we will explore is: In the new age of big data, robotisation and AI, is there a sweet spot between the use of personal data to improve services vs non-personal data or data opt-out in favour of privacy? In this presentation, we will explore what insights can be drawn from two hypothetical future air travel scenarios: one where the customer is aware and in control of her personal data and one where the customer is almost unaware of the exact data that is being used to shape her experience. In looking at the customer journey, can we find some answers to this question; and what does it all mean for airlines? We will explore these scenarios and look at what kind of principles should guide airlines and other businesses as they delve further into the world of AI.

November 21th, 2018 at Royal Aeronautical Society, London

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