Designing engaging app experiences


RCI Financial Services (automotive financing and insurance for Renault, Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia and Nissan) set customer experience at the centre of their digital strategy. They needed to refresh their mobile application to better answer their customer needs and thereby, generate higher interaction rates with the application.


Running qualitative interviews helped us define customer needs. From key pain points we identified a value proposition for the new application; to enable users to save time and hassle of dealership visits whilst still upgrading and renewing their contract. These features would provide a refreshed and deeply enhanced customer experience.


Through co-design workshops we used a variety of Service Design tools to validate existing business assumptions and ideate on different scenarios to test with customers. Following the workshop, we developed the UX and visual design of interactive prototypes which were tested in twenty face to face user sessions.


The launch of key new features of RCI app increased commitment through responding better to customer needs, resulting in an overall enhanced customer experience with RCI.

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