Creating experiences that are able to engage customers is a challenge that companies can tackle with Service Design. In this issue we’re highlighting the trends that are driving the shift from product to services. We’ll also be sharing our method of mapping customer journeys. This helps us diagnose the current customer experience, identify unmet needs and set the course for continuous improvement.

Key takeaways from the guide

  • Products trigger experiences that remain in their customer’s memories and determine their next product choice.
  • Trends such as the sharing or circular economy are driving brands to shift from product-centric to experience-centric organisations.
  • The experience the customer is seeking can be discovered by organising all research findings using a Customer Journey Map.
  • The goal of the Customer Journey Map is to diagnose the current or future experience, identify unmet needs and prioritise areas of improvement.
  • Co-creating a customer journey map has the benefit of gathering a common understanding and to define first actions and KPIs.

About Hiveworks

HIveworks is an independent Service Design Studio based in London and Paris. Our legacy as the former innovation and digital agency within Orange Telecoms gives us an unrivaled understanding of how complex and highly regulated industries operate. We help global brands across telecoms, finance, insurance and utilities gain competitive advantage. 

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