Get started on this quarter's edition of Trendsnacks, focusing on Service Design and how you can use it to enhance your customer experience. In this edition, we will look at some of the latest trends around how companies can develop more profitable relationships with their customers. You will see how companies such as Four Seasons Hotels and The New York Times have been able to reach more of their existing customers and increase their share of wallet.

Key takeaways from the guide

  • Cross-selling, up-selling and anticipating sales, if done correctly, can help companies build deeper and more profitable relationships with their existing customers, growing their share of wallet.
  • The creation of effective and relevant strategies to increase share of wallet is based on deep customer insights.
  • Using Service Design methods provides companies with a wide range of tools to uncover unmet needs and generate successful strategies for companies and customers alike.
  • Through adopting a Service Design process, companies can help everyone within their organisation build actionable personas that aren’t forgotten in a corner of the company, but contribute to effective decision making.

About Hiveworks

Hiveworks is an independent Service Design Studio based in London and Paris. Our legacy as the former innovation and digital agency within Orange Telecoms gives us an unrivaled understanding of how complex and highly regulated industries operate. We help global brands across telecoms, finance, insurance and utilities gain competitive advantage. 

Some of the brands we work with