Designing services to increase conversion

Client - Orange Transfert Pays
Industry - Telecoms
Services - Service Design, User Experience, Visual Design


Transfert Pays is a website used by 20,000 visitors each month to top up relatives’ phones in Africa. Analytics showed us that the site suffered from higher than average dropout rates, with users spending too much time trying to complete a transaction.


Hiveworks produced the full visual design of the prototype as well as a comprehensive functional specification to fully brief the Orange development team for final implementation.

Our approach

We started with a full analytics audit of the site and optimised its tagging in order to improve the tracking and the data collected. Using reliable analytics data, Orange customer interviews, as well as looking at the competitive landscape, the UX team were able to find out what changes were needed to create a more simple and efficient user experience. The new functional specifications were documented along with the UX work in order to hand-over to Orange’s development team.