Enhancing employee experience through self-serve

Client - L'Oreal I.T.
Industry - Personal care
Services - Service Design, Insight, Prototyping


When it comes to IT services, employee experience is not always front of mind. That’s why L’Oréal IT and Employee Experience teams collaborated in order to build a game changing IT experience for their staff worldwide.


Our final proposed solution consisted of a new "concept" portal prototype, ready for user testing. This solution is a huge leap for the business, delivering the functionality and features that users actually want and need.

Our approach

Developing User Personas

Service Design place users must be at the heart of the design process. However, L’Oréal had identified 12 different employee segments that made it difficult to truly understand the needs of the users in an empathic and nuanced way.  We analysed the data and synthesised with other sources to determine 4 core personas that the final solution would designed around. This process surfaced a number of key areas of improvement and areas of opportunity that would guide our final solution.

Evaluating the Current Eco-System

To ensure our proposed solution would work across the various systems L’Oréal had in place, we mapped out their current technical ecosystem. The mapping provided us with insight as to which areas of the ecosystem could support new services and which areas would need additional support.

To understand the nature of the relationship between employees and IT, we conducted extensive face-to-face interviews and group workshops with employees across the globe. This helped us identify potential blockers ahead of time, that we could factor in during the design process.

Service Mapping and Prototyping

Through Service Mapping, we were able to visualise the relationship of Employees and IT across digital and physical channels.The Service Map revealed the process employees go through when interacting with IT and the points in the experience where our solution could remove waste or add value.

To establish the vision and create the solution, we conducted a co-design workshop. Hiveworks service design consultants worked with L’Oréal staff to design the foundations of the new solutions. Wee found that employees wanted their needs to be met in a variety of ways, rather than a single, inflexible process. 

Designing the Concept

We envisaged  a scalable and modular framework that enabled a flexible approach to the new IT experience. The solution we designed consisted of a new IT portal as well as “Widget” application. The IT portal provides a single point of entry for employees to access IT content and services, whilst the widget application provides easy access to IT services without distraction from the applications the user is currently using.