Improving experience by integrating services

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Client - Orange Business Services
Industry - Telecoms
Services - Service Design, User Experience, Visual Design


Orange Business Services (OBS) HR needed to improve the overall employee experience by bringing together all staff digital activities to one place - wherever in the world they were.  


We rapidly designed a proof of concept to be tested with segments of employees. Additional features will be added throughout the year as we respond to user feedback.

Our approach

Unearthing Requirement and Limitation

We worked closely with Orange’s international team to better understand the various services an employee application could potentially offer. Through a series of workshops, we worked with various stakeholders responsible for the delivery of a core employee application.  We documented the technical approach and delivery roadmap for each piece of functionality.

Gathering and Analysing User Insight

To develop a clear idea of OBS employees’ desires, needs and attitudes, we conducted user interviews with 12 employees across 4 continents. To ensure the broadest possible reach, the employees we spoke to covered business functions such as HR, Sales and Marketing and IT and exhibiting mindsets as new starters and employees looking for new roles within the organisation.

All of the research and insights gathered were summarised into 5 primary personas.  These personas were selected as they captured a majority of the activities and tasks that would occur during an employee lifecycle while interacting with the OBS application.

We learned that that employees showed a strong preference for “one-stop-shop” that gave them easy access to all new and existing tools on the go - HR, training, job seeking, support and guidance services. To guide our experience design efforts, each persona also specified the top app features and functions that were most likely to be used.

Designing the Experience

Using the personas as a starting point, we defined the desired experience using customer journey mapping. Customer journey maps provide for the visual identification of opportunities and pain-points across the user journey and help identify where additional resource or support may be required.  

Through the mapping exercise, we were able to determine several key areas to design such as a closed-group instant messaging feature for sales employees, browsable employee directories for new-starters and a way to immediately see available meeting rooms for HR managers.

Creating the Prototype

We brought the experience to life through prototypes created in Axure. This approach allowed us to create the experience in a quick and effective manner and to be able to rapidly iterate based on discussions with stakeholders.