Designing services to support products

Transfert Pays is a website used to top up relatives’ phones in Africa. The website was outdated and 20,000 monthly visitors were spending too much time trying to complete their objectives, with analytics showing high dropout rates.


What did we do?

Orange asked Hiveworks to optimise the user journey, as well as modernising the site’s look and feel in line with the latest brand guidelines. An additional challenge was to consolidate a second site (Orange Top-Up) into the redesigned platform.

Hiveworks began with an analytics audit of the site and optimisation of its tagging, to improve the tracking and the data collected. Then, using the more accurate analytics data, Orange customer interviews and competitive landscape, the UX team were able to discover how to optimise the user experience.

What was the outcome?

Hiveworks supplied the relevant user journeys, task flows and built a working prototype which represented each step and each interaction within the site.

Hiveworks produced the full visual design of the prototype as well as a comprehensive functional specification to fully brief the Orange development team for final implementation.