Improving customer acquisition and retention

The EE digital department’s Insights Team was spending a great deal of time completing manual reporting.  Additionally, they were overburdened by requests to answer staff member’s reporting/insight questions, while having no clear access to a consolidated interface of all essential data.

What did we do? 

Hiveworks researched all statistics and complaints regarding the time spent on reporting from different teams within the digital department, as well as investigated the balance between reporting and analysis activities, within the Insights Team.

Hiveworks subsequently conducted thorough research with business stakeholders (30 people from senior management to main product owners) to create a comprehensive research report listing all issues and suggesting the best solution to remedy them.  

Following from the research report, optimised user journeys were created which showed the ideal interaction between people, teams and business requirements.  The user journeys were then realised within a wireframe prototype of the solution addressing the needs uncovered in the report.  

The solution was refined through several rounds of feedback before the custom integrated BI platform was designed and built.  The platform was integrated with market-leading data visualisation software.

What was the outcome?

Hiveworks supplied the EE digital department with bespoke, annotated, user friendly dashboards. This made it easier for them to clearly understand all requirements required for the build. 

On launch the platform achieved a significant drop in the amount of time spent by the Insights Team, with each member of the department saving on average 1 day per week. The time spent by insights team on answering questions reduced by 100%

  • 1 Integrated BI Platform
  • 1K+ Data Points
  • 100+ Analyst Hours Saved