Reducing servicing and operational costs

When it comes to IT services and support, employee experience is not always front of mind. More often than not these systems are led by technology, rather than user needs. A global retail brand asked us to design their new Intranet system with both existing and future needs of their employees at the very heart of the process.


What did we do? 

To develop the relevant insight and define a set of recommendations, Hiveworks conducted interviews across all employee segments as well as online surveys and focus groups. With best in class examples and future trend analysis, a set of prototypes were designed to bring optimum user experiences to life. Prototypes were then used to test the viability of the solution within the business and provide further recommendations as to their implementation.

Hiveworks mapped the existing IT environment to ensure the experience was not only desirable but also technically feasible. This approach led to a set of technical, functional and design recommendations for a new employee experience.

What was the outcome?

The day to day needs of employees vary dramatically across the business, making a one-size-fits all approach unadvisable. Developing a scalable system that could continuously learn about the user and personalise the experience, would be crucial to the success of the project.

This project demonstrated how a user-centric approach is able to positively impact employee sentiment, whilst also delivering business benefit through an increase in employee efficiency and productivity. The recommendations formed a key component of the business case used to obtain the required investment to deliver the project.